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The Bennett's Bastards Series

Being raised in the unconventional and eccentric Bennett family meant growing up with certain challenges; challenges that have shaped the people they've become, and helped build the walls they hide behind. But challenges can be overcome and walls broken down. Meet the heroes and heroines determined to win the hearts of Bennett's Bastards.

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The Brisbane Bachelors Trilogy

A wealthy playboy and a quiet book store owner, a reformed ex-con and a quilter with a wild side, a down-to-earth vintner and a sassy-pants genius with nothing to lose. Three unlikely couples​ find romance in the sultry sub-tropical splendour of Brisbane, Australia, where the weather isn't the only thing heating up the nights...



The Q Collection

A collection of Quick and Quirky contemporary and paranormal erotic short stories, filled with hot heroes of various species, sexy heroines of various shapes and sizes, and (spoiler alert) very explicit sex. 

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