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The Viking Blues
The Bennett's Bastards Series, book four

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"A quick sweet and sweaty read that gives a satisfying close."

Bookbub reviewer

He was her first love. She was his only.

Mia Caldwell knows how to get shit done. Armed with a plan to transform her family home into a veteran’s retreat, she employs the help of her childhood friend and former crush, Oliver Bennett. But banging the sexy blacksmith wasn’t on her to-do list.


No longer an awkward teenage boy, Ollie is all man now with a successful business, a panty-melting smile and a body that would make Thor jealous. But he’s not the only one who’s changed. Mia isn’t the same naïve teenager she was when she left Melville’s Cross and she isn’t afraid to go after whatever—or whomever—she wants.


​Oliver Bennett knew from the first day they met: ​Mia Caldwell was the girl of his dreams. She was smart, funny and driven to succeed, not to mention she had a smile that could drop him to his knees and a dominant streak that could keep him where he fell.


All grown up and more commanding than ever, Mia still has the power to bend Ollie to her will, only this time he isn’t holding back. He never told her how he felt way back when and it’s not a mistake he’s willing to repeat, but as their friendship turns a corner, can he convince Mia to give them the chance he knows they deserve, or is friends with benefits all they’re destined to be…?


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