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The Boss Babe CEO and The Scoundrel-6.jpg

The Boss Babe CEO
And The Scoundrel

The Brisbane Bachelors Series, book 3



Kit Bellows is known for three things: his extreme height, his excellent wine, and for being a cantankerous arsehole. Seriously, the man should come with a warning label.


When tragedy strikes and Kit discovers the family vineyard has been left to Lottie Cassidy—his late cousin’s ex-girlfriend—his mood doesn’t improve. But if this billionaire bimbo thinks she can just waltz onto his farm and start barking orders at him, she can think again. He doesn’t care how smart she thinks she is, and he absolutely doesn’t care how goddamn sexy she is. She doesn’t belong.


Determined to prove his point, Kit makes Lottie a deal: if she can get through harvest season without breaking a nail, he’ll concede defeat, but if she quits, he gets the farm.


The more he pushes her, the more stubborn she becomes, and the more she pushes back, the more he wants to… kiss her? But that can’t be right. He loathes the woman. Doesn’t he?



An interconnected series of stand-alone steamy romantic comedies. Found family, bossy billionaires, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, fake relationships and mutual pining for people they crave, but shouldn't have.

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