Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are there so many spelling mistakes in your books?

A. The short answer is, there isn't (I hope). I'm Australian, and the majority of my books are set in Australia. This means I write my books using the language I grew up with: British English

Q. Will Luke's sister be getting her own happily ever after?

A. Yes, I do have a book planned for Lottie! Her story will be book 3 in The Brisbane Bachelors Series. I don't when when her story will fit into my writing schedule but she's definitely in there somewhere.

Q. What does the Q stand for in The Q Collection?

A. Quick and Quirky. Being a writer means my brain tends to go off in all sorts of weird directions and usually at very inappropriate times. Ideas for stories often come from those weird directions but not all of them are capable of sustaining a full length novel. Over time I've jotted down a whole bunch of these short, weird and inappropriate ideas and they have now become The Q Collection.

Q. Will The Q Collection be available in print?

A. Yes! This is a question I get asked all the time and I'm so happy to say that The Q Collection will be coming out in print in 2021, but at this stage it will only be available at book signings (COVID-19 not withstanding).

Q. Who will the next Bennett's Bastards book be about?

A. Book 4 in The Bennett's Bastards Series will star Oliver, the youngest Bennett brother and second youngest of the Bennett brood, and Mia, the girl who broke his heart so long ago.


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