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Size Doesn't Matter

The Bennett's Bastards Series, book five

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The only size that matters is the size of your heart.


Sophie Bennett has the world at her feet. As a bonafide plus-sized fashion icon, designers want to dress her, celebrities want to date her, and her Instagram is awash with fans. So why does she feel so alone?


When she shares a midnight kiss with a sexy stranger, what began as an unguarded moment at a New Year’s Eve party evolves into a dangerous game of seduction, a game she surrenders to completely. But when Sophie discovers the man who rocked her world is Jack Martin, her ex-boyfriend’s brother and the man holding her newest modelling contract in his very skilled hands, she isn’t sure if she wants to kneel at his feet or punch him in the face.


Jack Martin lives his life in the shadows and that’s how he wants to keep it. But when his idiot brother abandons Sophie Bennett on New Year’s Eve, her vulnerability calls to his Dominant nature and he quickly discovers how sweetly submissive she truly is.


He didn’t know about Sophie’s contract when he seduced her into his bed, and ordinarily he wouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but when the statuesque beauty dismisses their night of passion as a mistake, he’s determined to prove her wrong. Jack sees beyond the façade she projects to the world and knows they shared something special, but can he fight his way past her stubborn attitude to her tightly guarded heart? Or will he slink back into the shadows where he belongs? Challenge accepted.


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