Jennie Kew Reading List

The Bennett’s Bastards Series (stories can be read as stand-alone books but are best read in order)

  1. Third Time Lucky (2018)

  2. This Time Around (2019)

  3. His Own Heaven (2020)

  4. The Viking Blues (2021)

  5. Size Doesn’t Matter (coming 2022)

  6. A Thousand Words (TBA)


Bennett's Bastards Bundles (The Bennett's Bastards Series bundled together in reading order)

  1. The Bennett's Bastards Series: Books 1-3 (2020)

  2. The Bennett's Bastards Series: Books 4-6 (TBA)

The Brisbane Bachelor Series (stories can be read as stand-alone books but are best read in order)   

  1. Revenge and Redemption: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (2018)

  2. Sacrifice and Seduction: Not A Friends to Lovers Romance (2020)

  3. Tempest and Temptation: A Romance (coming 2022)

The Marriage of Convenience Club

  1. Porn Star (coming 2022)

  2. Bad Girl (TBA)


The Q Collection (stories are not connected and can be read in any order)   

  1. No Rest For The Wicked (2017)   

  2. I Saw, I Conquered, I Came (2017)   

  3. Pushing Rope (2017)   

  4. Dirty Laundry (2017)   

  5. Santa Claus Is Coming (2018)   

  6. Between A Rock and A Hard Place (2020)

  7. Battery Operated Boyfriend (2021)

  8. Tying The Knot (2021)

  9. Come Quietly (coming 2022)(Newsletter Subscriber Exclusive)


The Q Collected (all the short stories from The Q Collection collected into box sets)   

  1. Dirty: 3 Short Contemporary Romances (2018)

  2. Grind: 3 Short Paranormal Romances (2020)

  3. The Whole Shebang: A Short Romance Collection (2021)

Multi Author Anthologies

  • Seasonal Shenanigans (2017) (Santa Claus Is Coming)

  • Cowboys: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology (2021) (Tying The Knot)

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