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Quirky: The Complete Q Collection

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" enough to melt your kindle...a wonderful way to spend a rainy day." Goodreads review

Previously published as

The Whole Shebang

Binge read this complete series of quirky quickies!

No Rest For The Wicked
A lovesick incubus and his curvy assistant


I Saw, I Conquered, I Came
A flirty fat girl and her sexy one night stand

Pushing Rope
The arch-demon of Lust and his mischievous mistress

Dirty Laundry
A secret exhibitionist and her secret admirer

Santa Claus Is Coming
A younger man and his best friend's older sister

Carved In Stone
An ancient gargoyle and his headstrong stone mason

Battery Operated Boyfriend
A snarky scientist and her sexy soldier

Tying The Knot
A sassy city chick and her Dominant cowboy


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