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Quirky: The Complete
Q Collection

The Q Collection, book 9

"…hot enough to melt your kindle… a wonderful way to spend a rainy day."

Goodreads reviewer

Binge read this complete series of quirky quickies!

No Rest For The Wicked
A lovesick incubus and his curvy assistant


I Saw, I Conquered, I Came
A flirty fat girl and her sexy one night stand

Pushing Rope
The arch-demon of Lust and his mischievous mistress

Dirty Laundry
A secret exhibitionist and her secret admirer

Santa Claus Is Coming
A younger man and his best friend's older sister

Carved In Stone
An ancient gargoyle and his headstrong stone mason

Battery Operated Boyfriend
A snarky scientist and her sexy soldier

Tying The Knot
A sassy city chick and her Dominant cowboy



A series of scorching hot quick and quirky stand-alone short stories. Demons, curvy women, friends to lovers, strangers in the night, cowboys, soldiers and ice cream. There is something for everyone in this series of short erotic romances. HEAs guaranteed.

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