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A dark hero and sexy heroine, fan-yourself sex, humour and good pacing make this short story a ripper of a read.

~ Kylie Griffin,

author of Allegiance Sworn

E-book: Amazon AusAmazon US

Paperback: n/a


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

Especially if that woman happens to be an ancient Greek water spirit with a wicked jealousy streak and the ability to curse her lovers with their worst nightmares. Take me for example, Asmodeus: archdemon of lust, prince of lechery, king of carnal desires… I'm not even sure what she thinks I did to deserve my fate, all I know is my peep don't work and there's only one woman in the world who can fix it, and after three long, dry, sexless months she'd better fix it soon, or you can bet your ass there'll be hell to pay!

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