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October 19th


Tying The Knot
The Q Collection, book eight

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Paperback: The Whole Shebang

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He’s the cowboy I never knew I needed…

Recent break-up? Check. Best friend MIA? Check. Sexy as fuck man claiming he’s been sent to rescue me from a night of cowboy wannabes hitting on me and my last nerve? Check. When my best friend told me she had to work tonight, she said nothing about sending her cousin to find me. And she definitely forgot to mention the fact the man ticks every box on my kinky wish list. Maybe tonight won’t be a total bust?


She’s the city girl I never knew I wanted…

When my cousin called me claiming she had an emergency, she neglected to mention that emergency was a tall brunette with curves for days and a submissive streak as wide as my Dominant streak is long. One evening alone with this straight-talking city girl and suddenly my cousin’s idea of finding me a wife doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

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