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The Roller Derby Darling and The Delinquent
The Brisbane Bachelors Series, book two


The Roller Derby Darling and The Delinquent-7.jpg


Previously published as Sacrifice and Seduction

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Edward Berringer is a chauffeur, a soon-to-be business owner, and oh, yeah, he’s an ex-con.


With the promise of financial backing for his vintage auto garage on the line, Edward has no time for dating, but when months of flirting with Karen Walker finally culminates in a scorching hot kiss, he’ll make the fucking time. After all, the manager of his favourite bookshop is everything he wants in a woman: smart, sassy, and a total badass. Who also happens to come from a family of cops. Awkward.


He knows he should probably stay away from her—and her overprotective brothers—but then again, he’s never been one to play by the rules.


Especially when love is involved.


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