Pushing Rope: The Q Collection, book three

Sucking back on my cigarillo and staring into space, my valet's voice is a nagging tickle inside my eardrums, and as much as I would like to drown him out—or simply drown him—I cannot.

"…you even listening to me?"


Jonathon slowly rolls his shoulders, the irritation sluicing off him in waves. He's fun to annoy. "I said, would you like me to refresh your bath? The water has gone cold."

Shifting my gaze to the surface of the water, I see my flaccid cock, watch as it bobs around between my legs like a neglected bath toy. I heave a sigh and nod at the stool beside the tub. "The only thing that needs refreshing is my brandy glass."

Cigarillo clamped between my teeth, I brace my hands on either side of the bath and haul my ass out of the tub. Water runs down my body in cool rivulets that track over the rigid muscle of my chest and stomach. As it trickles down my thighs and drips off the end of my useless knob I remember how much I used to loathe the stuff.

Water, such a contradictory substance. Able to give life as easily as it takes it, it is both sickeningly pure and yet terrifyingly dark. It is also my father's favourite weapon of choice. Want to cleanse the weak of evil? Water. Want to dedicate your soul to a higher purpose? Water. Need to wipe out the whole of human existence except your BFF and his menagerie? Water.

I feared and hated the stuff.

Until I met Nadia, my lovely little naiad.

Not that I'd known what she was when I met her—half dead, stuck at the bottom of an empty well and reeking of filth. I only found her because I'd stopped to take a piss and freaked out when I saw her haunted expression leering up at me like a spectre from my past. Unsure of her origins, I was tempted to leave her down there, but there was something about her, something that called to me, so I fished her out. When she begged me for water I was tempted to drop her back down the hole she came from, but then that feeling, that something urged me on. I scooped her up, putrescence and all, then carried her to the edge of nearest stream and tossed her in. I figured if she drowned, so be it, at least she'd have her precious water, but I'd be fucked if I was getting any closer to it than I had to.

What happened next was… unexpected.

The little ragamuffin I'd pitched into the stream came up looking more like a freaking angel than the horror movie reject I'd pulled out of the ground, the water restoring her lost vitality until she'd practically glowed with life. Long honey-brown hair reached down below the gentle curve of her ass and small, firm breasts were tipped with the most delicate rosy nipples I'd ever seen. She had a slim yet soft body that dipped and swelled in all the right places, creamy skin and eyes of such a pure, crystalline blue they reminded me of heaven. And that something I'd felt earlier suddenly had a name.


As I watched her splash about in the stream, I was entranced by her beauty, ensnared by her aura of sensuality, and before I knew it I was standing hip deep in water with a goddess in my arms, her tongue down my throat and my cock so engorged it still amazes me I didn't pass out from the lack of blood to my brain.

Nadia was so grateful for my assistance she fucked me stupid for three days straight.

And water got crossed off the list of things that scare the shit out of me.

Fast forward a few centuries and she's still my go-to booty-call. It's the eyes. I get lost in the fathomless depths of her eyes, get a glimpse of my old life before I followed my brother Lucifer and took a swan-dive into damnation. Before I became... this.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm Asmodeus, a prince of hell, the archdemon of lust, a paragon of lasciviousness and desire. I am literally sex on legs….

What's so bad about being me, right?

Well, there's the truth curse Lucifer saddled me with so I could never lie to him, and then there's the bum leg that requires the use of a walking stick, because hey, that fall from grace was a fucking long way down and didn't come with airbags.

And, oh yeah, I can't get an erection to save my life, so, there's that.

Asmodeus, the prince of lust, has erectile dysfunction.

Now there's a headline for you. Suffice to say it's problematic. Without sex to curb my lust for flesh my desires will turn dark, will become less carnal, more carnivorous. And personally I'd rather eat a woman out, not, you know, eat her.

And who do I have to thank for this little predicament?


My little water witch has done something to me, but I'm fucked if I know what. Or why. But I know it's her. Naiads are notoriously jealous creatures.

The last time I saw her I spent a whole week seeing to her every whim, fulfilling her every wish. Fucking her every which way she wanted, and what she wanted… faaark. Let's just say it's a rare woman who can teach me new tricks in the bedroom.

On any other day, just the thought of Nadia and her wicked sexual appetites would have my cock springing to attention and my fingers hitting the speed dial, but not now. Not today.

Not for three fucking months.

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