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I have some exciting news!!!

Due to Covid-19, or as we call it in Australia, the 'rona, a bunch of author/reader events have been cancelled. So the Australian Romance Reader Association decided to do a virtual reader event called A Romantic Rendezvous: Locked Down.

I pre-recorded a book reading last week (my first ever Zoom video that apparently doesn't make me sound like a total loon), and will be recording a panel discussion with Amy Andrews and Kylie Scott next week, talking about "Urban Families".

All of this will be put on You Tube in the near future which means anyone and everyone can watch it, no matter where in the world you are! Exciting, right!?

But until it goes online, you have the opportunity to participate by joining the Lockdown Facebook group. If you have a question you'd like asked in a panel or an AMA session, you can submit it to the coordinators for consideration, or even register your interest to take part in one of the special live recording sessions.

Other authors getting involved in the Locked Down include:

Kylie Scott, Amy Andrews, Bella Andre, Rachel Johns, Ilona Andrews, Marie Force, Karly Lane, Sasha Cottman, Helene Young, Julia Quinn, Alyssa J Montgomery, Darynda Jones, Nalini Singh, and many more.

So check it out, drop a question or two, or register your interest.


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